Dragon Magazine

Issue #131

"Alamaze is a treat. Speaking as a game designer, it's one of the finest designs I've seen. I like it and recommend it to experienced gamers."

White Wolf Magazine

Issue #11

"Alamaze is possibly the finest play by mail game in existence. It is certainly the most innovative design since the first PBM game emerged... It should be tried by anyone who considers himself a real gamer."

Paper Mayhem Magazine

Issue #19

"Alamaze has all the strategy, intrigue, fear and paranoia that makes a great game. It's a great value."

Origins Game of the Year
Origins Game of the Year

Flagship Magazine

Issue #11

"Alamaze is one of the finest PBM games on the market, today. It is fast paced and exciting. It is full of all the action, intrigue and role-playing any player could ask for."

Paper Mayhem Magazine

Issue #28

"Among the many innovations in Alamaze is the truly fantastic magic system, unequaled anywhere in PBM. Not only does the magic system fit in with the entire game system hand-in-hand, it also shows the depth and massive amounts of designing and programming time spent lavishly in this game."





ALAMAZE Speeds Past 140 Games Started!

Alamaze in its resurgence has started over 140 games in eight different formats delighting its devoted PBEM player base.  Alamaze offers introductory games for new or newly returning players we call Primeval, we have individual games, team games, anonymous games, secret victory condition games, and more.


Our player community is very active on our Forum posting over 20,000 messages, many of which are to help new players get acclimated and

answering their questions. 


We have had many exciting developments in the past few months, including evolving to a whole new web-based platform with gorgeous turn results, and supported by a great new online order entry and verification system that is easy to use and virtually eliminates player errors and streamlines turn planning.


Within the game and its rules, we have made many enhancements to the overall experience of this Origins Game of the Year in its rules and in increasing possible strategies to individual kingdoms.  Among the most notable design improvements have been to the Early Strategic Objectives, where players now choose their objectives, fitting them to their own play-style and the strengths of the kingdom, and similarly a new model for the kingdom's Secret Victory Conditions, also selected by the players.


The new web-based platform has games processing within minutes of the turn deadline.  Of course, players are still enjoying the best value in all of PBEM, with our introductory Scout Level Service still just $19.95 a month for seven turns.


We have now reached the point where we have completed all the improvements we wished to make to Alamaze Classic, the game that has been enjoyed for more than 25 years by thousands.  Attention now turns to the next release which will have new models for magic, political events, tactics, artifacts, and the High Priestess, as well as introducing several brand new kingdoms!  Stay tuned.



The Fantasy Kingdoms of Alamaze


Alamaze is the multi-award winning fantasy war game set in the fantastic realm of Alamaze, considered by consensus, the greatest PBEM game ever.  Magic is often paramount, but players must also wisely utilize their military, economic, political and covert resources in order to see their kingdom prosper. Here in 2015, we look back to 2014 where we started more than 125 Alamaze games in eight different formats.  Our players have made more than 18,000 posts on our forum, and they are having a great time!


The Fantasy Kingdoms of Alamaze are widely varied along multiple lines: military composition, magical power and limits, political clout, strength of economy and covert resources. Kingdoms include traditional fantasy powers such as the Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, and also the Warlock, Sorcerer and Witch King, along with several unique kingdoms such as the Ancient Ones, the Demon Princes, the Red and Black Dragons and the Underworld.  Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and secret objectives that change game to game.


Character development is important. Military leaders gain rank through experience as do spellcasters. The comprehensive magic system includes more than 60 spells that can be researched, increasing the power of your spell casters. Spells vary by kingdom. Other unique and important game concepts include The High Council, Skeletons in the Closet, Regional Control, and unusual sightings where artifacts may be discovered.


The Fantasy Kingdoms of Alamaze is a turn based, multi-player campaign styled game where each campaign will provide enjoyment for months, as players have several days between turns to consider their actions and implement their strategy in the grand tradition of text based PBEM gaming that Alamaze helped define.


Lead your kingdom to glory eternal! Call up your banner men! Summon your wizards! Sign up NOW!