Dragon Magazine

Issue #131

"Alamaze is a treat. Speaking as a game designer, it's one of the finest designs I've seen. I like it and recommend it to experienced gamers."

White Wolf Magazine

Issue #11

"Alamaze is possibly the finest play by mail game in existence. It is certainly the most innovative design since the first PBM game emerged... It should be tried by anyone who considers himself a real gamer."

Paper Mayhem Magazine

Issue #19

"Alamaze has all the strategy, intrigue, fear and paranoia that makes a great game. It's a great value."

Origins Game of the Year
Origins Game of the Year

Flagship Magazine

Issue #11

"Alamaze is one of the finest PBM games on the market, today. It is fast paced and exciting. It is full of all the action, intrigue and role-playing any player could ask for."

Paper Mayhem Magazine

Issue #28

"Among the many innovations in Alamaze is the truly fantastic magic system, unequaled anywhere in PBM. Not only does the magic system fit in with the entire game system hand-in-hand, it also shows the depth and massive amounts of designing and programming time spent lavishly in this game."

The Fantasy Kingdoms of Alamaze

The Secret Servants of the Ancient Ones

(AN) The Ancient Ones were not even known to exist until correlations in events throughout history recently proved the existence of a behind-the-scenes power.   Led by their Archon, this mysterious cult manipulates others to maintain order in the world, subverting the efforts of those more powerful kingdoms who would intimidate and conquer the weaker. There are only a handful of these beings, but they seem nearly immortal. Little else is known of them.  The Ancient Ones are a non-traditional position that requires quite a bit of skill and interplayer diplomacy.


The Dark Skies of the Black Dragons

(BL) The Black Dragons are the swiftest moving of all the kingdoms. While not as individually as imposing as their enemy, the Red Dragons, they are never-the-less a potent military force with their ability to hit fast and avoid major damage from all but the best prepared opponents. They have historically been known to occupy gold-rich areas and have developed a good political base to help off-set their more military orientated enemy.

A player who enjoys great mobility and some ability to dictate play though suddenness, being able to react quickly and utilize finesse in play will enjoy the advantages of the Black Dragon.



The Onyx Imperium of the Dark Elves

(DA) The Dark Elven Onyx Imperium remains one of the most rigid and enduring feudal societies. Imperial succession, however, is often perilous. The Dark Imperium is well respected by friends and foes alike for having an array of strengths, including persuasive statesmen, impressive wizards, clever agents and a well-balanced military featuring black mailed and skilled medium cavalry. They are infamous for their hatred of their distant cousins, the High Elves of the Golden Wood. The new Imperator seems determined to overcome the problems of a beleaguered economy and a relatively small military in order to expand greatly upon the frontiers of the Dark Imperium. Players who enjoy a balanced kingdom with a tinge of menace will enjoy the role of Dark Imperator.




The Seven Hells of the Demon Princes

(DE) The minions of the Demon Princes are men. The Demon Princes themselves, however, are certainly not. They are hell-born demons who appear to have always diametrically opposed the Ancient Ones. They are terrible in their wrath and conquer through fear and intimidation. Able to travel inter-dimensionally, walls are of no use against them and the fear they create just through their presence. Their military at the outset is middling to poor. The focus instead is the Demon Princes themselves. The Seven Hells of the Demon Princes are among the most feared kingdoms, due in large part to the ability of the Demon Princes to appear anywhere in Alamaze through teleportation (“gating”). However, the kingdom as a whole is not overpowering and a successful player will be skillful and devious.



The Dwarven Lords of the Talking Mountains

(DW) The Dwarves are an ancient people of Alamaze. Skilled with axe and stone, they remain nearly unbeatable in their native mountains. They are somewhat hampered by their limited mobility in open terrain and are possessed of scant navy or cavalry. There remains much heritage in the Dwarven ruling line, and the venerable Dwarven king's influence is well established. Dwarves enjoy some magic resistance, and the Dwarven Lords can typically be relied upon to mine effectively for gold. The Dwarven infantry is well armed and its soldiers steady under fire.  The Dwarven Lords are not an easy nut for foes to crack, and players who enjoy a more cautious approach and the patience to develop a strong foundation will enjoy ruling as the Dwarven King.



The High Elves of the Golden Woods

(EL) The High Elven Lord rules the Northwestern forest, and likely could rule any other forest his people enter as well. The history of the High Elves is the longest of all peoples save the Dragons, and some of its great heroes survive today, including its great Marshal Glorin, leader of its military. The Elven army relies heavily on its experienced bowmen, and secondly on its noble cavalry. Elven numbers are not great, however. The Elven king is well respected, if not well liked everywhere, and his counsel is often sought. The Elven position in Alamaze has enjoyed much stability through the centuries.  The High Elves are typically a cornerstone of any Good alliance, and they enjoy balance and very high advantages in forest terrain and their bowmen are likely the best.



The Stone Giants above the Trembling Ground

(GI) The Stone Giants have historically been detached from the affairs of the other kingdoms, and little is known of their history. The Giants vary from 7' to 15' in height, with 9' being about average. No sane commander would challenge them with even numbers and they are likely the most powerful military in Alamaze.   The Giants, though, are not numerous. The current Giant king is quite a colorful figure and has dramatically increased his influence and has ambitious plans for the formally isolationist giants. Giants have some resistance to certain magics and to assassination. The Stone Giant player is typically in a central position and so is on the minds of most opposing kings, though not many would wish to attack the Giants on their own. The geography dictates a willingness to be active in diplomacy, but the Giants can pack a wallop and should find kingdoms eager to be allies.


The Great Gnomish Bastions of Alchemy

(GN) The Gnomes are believed to populate the southwestern mountains of Alamaze. Like their Dwarven cousins, they are a wealthy kingdom. Unlike the Dwarves, however, the Gnomes are known to have developed a keen interest in magic. Historically the Gnomes have been lightly regarded, and their military is not among the strong. The current king resents this impression and feels the time has come for more of Alamaze to benefit from Gnomish culture.  With the gold to fund research or develop either greater political power or a reasonable military, the Grand Councilor of the Gnomes has many strategic possibilities, although an outright military conquest is not as likely.


The Rangers of the Frontier Marches

(RA) The Rangers of the Frontier Marches historically have been devoted to protecting their charges rather than in seeking expansion of its rather small realm. Current political climate in Alamaze indicates this may soon change, however. The Ranger Lord of the Marches has expressed discontent at the increasing number of skirmishes in the lands around his territory, and the lack of a power strong enough to maintain order throughout the land. It is felt by many that he may take this role upon himself. Although their military is not great in number, the Rangers' fighting ability and leadership is well respected by all in all terrains, their mobility is very good, and the magic capability above average, and they have a number of special military abilities. The Rangers require a fairly bold approach as it is important they get off to a good start, perhaps recovering artifacts and achieving their Early Strategic Objective, which enhances their opportunities for victory significantly.



The Reign of Terror of the Red Dragons

(RD) The Red Dragons are the largest, most power creatures in Alamaze. But they are even fewer in number and somewhat slower moving than their hated rivals, the Black Dragons. Only the most foolhardy foe would dare to engage the Red Dragon without greatly outnumbering him.  With the power of flight like the Black Dragons, the Red Dragons enjoy tremendous mobility without relying on magic. They have some special abilities that emphasize the terror they instill. They can recruit Winged Beasts who fly instead of the typical recruits.   The Red Dragons are about as subtle as dragon fire, but a player who is The Rex must be careful to protect those precious dragons and not squander them needlessly. The Reign of Terror is a military power above all.


The Hidden Realm of the Unseen Sorcerer

(SO) The Sorcerer is regarded as the most accomplished wizard remaining in Alamaze since the passing of the Dark Mage at the end of the last age. At least one of his rivals will dispute that claim. The Unseen Sorcerer is thought to have a broader array of mid-Power spells gained earlier in progression than other kingdoms. The military he commands is of suspect reputation that is, without his presence on the battlefield. The lands now under his control uncertain, but none but the foolish will take lightly the Sorcerer. The real intentions of this arcane master are currently unknown.  Focused ultimately on magic development, the Unseen Sorcerer player must use skill to ensure he has the resources to prosper into the mid-game.   Diplomacy and trade may be useful tools.



The Damned Lands of the Troll Uprising

(TR) The Trolls have risen to contest rulership of Alamaze. Formerly considered far too few in number to make an impact, they are now regenerating at an alarming rate. They are very difficult to overcome in combat but are initially limited politically, economically, and magically. The Uprising have a number of special abilities and orders related to the nature of Trolls, and their strong military is cheap to maintain. Time seems to be on the side of the Tyrant who seeks dominion over all Alamaze. The Tyrant player has a different sort of military kingdom: one that gets stronger with time, whereas most military powers act quickly before magic overwhelms them. A player who enjoys building a strong military will like playing as the Tyrant of the Troll Uprising.



The Shadow Brotherhood of the Underworld

(UN) - The Shadow Brotherhood of the Underworld has historically been regarded more as a guild for thieves and assassins, not a legitimate kingdom. That perception has slowly been changed until now the current Shadow Master of this underground network is believed strong enough to dramatically affect future events for all kingdoms. As the Brotherhood controls access to and training of all agents, the Underworld has many covert special abilities, and they undoubtedly possess the greatest agents. Their military and political strength are thought below average, but their economy and magic potential are good. The Shadow Brotherhood plays quite differently from other kingdoms and is ideal for the player who relishes the covert aspects of Alamaze and the chaos it causes for others.


The Fiery Reach of the Red Warlock

(WA) The Red Warlock actively opposed the Dark Mage in the great struggle marking the passing of the last Age. He has reasonable regional reactions from the many peoples of Alamaze.  He is believed to harbor his strength in the central regions of the continent. His military is regarded as adequate and adaptable.  However, magic, and battle magic in particular are the forte of the Red Warlock, with very low research cost and very high Power capability. His covert capabilities are reasonable.   Players who like to feature battle magic in their battles will enjoy the role of the Red Warlock. Planning will be important to carve out a reasonable territory to gain a favorable foothold.



The Witchlord’s Empire of Doom

Witchlord (WI) A terrible rumor has recently begun. Even if the likelihood of its validity is remote, it is worthy of attention.  For if it is true that the Dark Mage has not left Alamaze, but survived and is now in the form of the one called the Witchlord, there is cause for great concern. Though little of substance is known of this new wizard from around the Northern Mists, reliable sources indicate his military is well trained and equipped. He is likely the most powerful spellcaster at the onset of the campaign, and with the most powerful end-game spells he is formidable indeed, but the Eternal Eye’s specter-like form has increased the cost of magic research relative to his magical rivals. Capable of impressive magic from the onset, and with a better military than some magically oriented kingdoms, the Eternal Eye player can make a quick impact in Alamaze if he so chooses.

Introduction to the Kingdoms of Alamaze.
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